25+ years of Scandinavian lighting design

Right now you are most likely in the process of considering buying new lighting. You are faced with what may seem as difficult choices and many new terms to understand. You can buy your new lighting from many different suppliers, but not many can offer what really matters - history!

We have more than 25 years experience in the European lighting industry and have worked with many thousands of clients through the years. Formerly we where known as Scan Studio and have manufactured and developed our own lighting under that brand.

In 2017, as a part of further developing our company, we have changed our name to ANTIDARK.

Our core values are still the same:
To offer cutting edge lighting solutions at competitive pricing worldwide.
Please take a moment and consider the following scenario;
You place your lighting investment with a new supplier without any track record. Your new lighting looks good, but after a while you experience fading light and defects. You wish to replace the defective lamps, and would even like to expand your system with similar lamps.

However, now you may be faced with a problem; - your supplier has gone out of business and this is exactly why history matters!
History equals consistency, experience and peace of mind with your investment. Make the smart choice and work with us. Rest assured that we will assist you in the entire process and also be here for you in many decades to come.

We hope you enjoy visiting and using our wholesale lighting webshop and look forward assisting you choosing the right lighting for your company or project.

Damgaardvej 2, 5500 Middelfart, Denmark
CVR. nr. 40373586 | Tel.: +45 6341 8888